• Harshal Pawar

    Harshal Pawar

    Data Science Enthusiast with a Bachelors' degree in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Rohan Roney

    Rohan Roney

    Avid Reader, Blog writer and a Data Science Trainee at Almabetter

  • muharrem bagriyanik

    muharrem bagriyanik

  • Andres Vera

    Andres Vera

  • Shubhankit Sirvaiya

    Shubhankit Sirvaiya

    Data Science || Reader || Learning New Skills Everyday

  • Rajat Pal

    Rajat Pal

    Learning new things regularly

  • Cole Hagen

    Cole Hagen

    Interests in pain science, wearables, machine learning, and clinical care | M.S. Student Neuromotor Science

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